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Monday, 11 July 2011

A Letter to Sam from My Heart....

Dear Sam,

       You know very well that I do often hesitate to blog something in English and it doesn't belong to any regret to that language but rather its my compassion towards my native Malayalam, my second mom. But,now, do feel, its the right time to tell something what I honestly earned from you in these hardly two years of companionship and living together. 

      Still I recollect, it was a terrific afternoon of a worst stormy and hottest day in July of the year 2008, I was in a cab sent from the company which was occupied to its maximum with the employees who were back from their happy holidays. Their gloomy faces made me flashing back the glimpses of the teary moments that I had gone through whenever I was taken back to boarding school after my two months summer holidays. I couldn't see anything through the windshields but just the smog resulted from a suspension of the wriggling tiny sand and humid air. 


     When I entered to the company, different varieties of people, more precisely, a cross sectional representation of all the classes of human traits that I have had acquainted during my academics, were exposed in front of me. Really speaking, it is an awesome experience to get a plenty of human beings (I do like to call them human 'characters' as we are all good actors in being 'being')  at a hand away when you are really interested in studying traits, behavior, psychological defense mechanisms of individuals, attitudes etc etc. When you own yourself enough experience of getting hurt from those called 'friends' of your past, you will be cautious at its most to scan for a matching wave having a closest wavelength, amplitude and a same phase of interference to have a constructive output in the resulting relationship. 

     When choosing the 'circle' (courtesy goes to our new born g+), I was a little bit pre-occupied and biased about some of the people as my sole-mate friend who referred me to this company had fed me with some ideas about various people whom I might have to be come across during the tenure. Any way, I made or I was made into a circle of a very few working at the Clinic for a very short time and got repelled at once since I seldom felt them comfortable. Then I scrolled back to my own castle of solitude and just enjoyed a while. Day by day, I got wonderful entities with amazing attitudes and powerful enough to make their own ambiance inside a group. There comes our cute dwarf body builder (for a short term he was our gym tutor- Praise the Lord! as he saved us soon before getting our muscles fragile!), a stunning character with splendid sense of humor whose presence makes me to be alive in this horrible jungle of sand and solitude. The Millionaire of R&D was another magnificent creature whom I opted as the 'case' for my case study related to pride and pretension. Another one, a junk of negative instincts and complexes rooted from the unattractive physic complexion , but differently intelligent, a black pearl who always left an eye of rivalry  on me and hit badly whenever got a chance to do it. Even though he was sent back, still I love his caliber and respect his thoughts. The pathologist,pet of the Spanish,the most elegant in grasping ideas and making others his own by his grace, but badly lacking belief in the self and defending self by applying the mechanism of projection. Then, my humble simple Smoker,so tendered as a child and too loving as a mate.  And a lot others who are unique and to be stated, but I am keeping aside for another instance.   

Dear Sam,

     You will be wondering that by addressing you,I did not tell a single word about you! Indeed, I left you to put at last for the last lasts forever, is it not? I came to hear your name first when I entered to the room of our pathologist and his room mate the black pearl. A huge traveler box, a channel receiver, a television set and some other precious gadgets, all these were left over by you as gifts to these two people! I was impressed and flattered on your generosity and during several talks I had had with different people in the company, your name and stories as 'Ice Manager' were depicted with added-on spices and fantasies whenever it was got retold from ears to ears. Then I googled you in Orkut (luckily that time there were no any blocking managers!) and added to my friend list. After many months, news about your return mushroomed several times among the Mallu circle and like monsoon flies these news were got burnt out to ashes after their short span of being was expelled. One day,escorted by a thunderstorm, you came, witnessed and conquered several hearts. Honored to be the mender of our Red Sea United Cricket team,our pinch hitter on slog overs, our licensed official driver and several delighted positions and designations. 

      By fortune or misfortune, as I was always crooked enough to catch the inner emotions of the beloved ones, at very beginning itself, you had been caught. I don't know whether you remember or not. Several days after my entry to your circle of friends, one day I asked some personal questions to you and you cleverly answered,but still keeping some suspicion within yourself about the pity firmness of  the answer you left over. But when you got an angel of your wish in between, you were got much relaxed and stable enough to conceal your feelings and exploring new horizon of affection and caring.

Dear Sam,

    Did you remember that day when you fringed me a message while I was sitting at Airport lounge with an excited heart to reach to my beloved ones? Frankly speaking, I was not at all got shocked  upon seeing the first part of the message even if I pretended to be so. I was just smiling inside for letting it revealed to make you some sort of weightlessness to your heart. But it was really surprising to me that your all time Chinese chat-bee is the angel you are going to tie the knot. Since myself also was busy in search of my angel, I could n't attend the occasion but was so happy to have you seen in the twilight of joy and josh.

    Personally, despite all the objections do persist in views, I respect your thoughts, ideology, stands and really enjoyed the cognitive debates held between us over mere uttering of nonsense, I enjoyed each and every moments of our chats, drives, talks, coffee time,leisure, pass times,    


    Now you are an achiever, you have an angel who does care, read, write, surf, sing and at most love....and here we are, as we were in the past, with you always and let you two go on....... 

Loving Brother 


  1. Nice post and a very interesting one. Very appropriate mixture of descriptions... a passionate and creative piece. I like the way you portrayed, pictured and invented the monikers of the different characters you've met at the sandpit. Do I know Sam, the 'Ice Manager'? LoL... I'm now into witch hunting for the cute dwarf body builder, R&D millionaire, Black pearl, the Spaniard's pet and the Smoker...hahaha. Just kidding... I just wanted you to know that I read through your post.
    Keep on writing more English posts so I can enjoy and be a big fan of yours... Just let me approve the moniker you'll use...LoL.

  2. Ismail bhaai,

    Nice depiction about a bunch of personas that you could come across at the sandpit over the last 3+ years!

    But I would better enjoy your “Childhood Stories” which had posted earlier here and stopped in between..!?

    Let us read the completion of that remarkable story (may be it resembles to mine at some extents)..! :)

  3. Dear Chitin,





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